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Zack Kanter
Zack Kanter is an entrepreneur, speaker, futurist, and writer. He is Founder & CEO of Suspension.com, an automotive ecommerce company, and Proforged, a brand of 2,300+ automotive parts distributed by US Auto Parts Network, Amazon, Summit Racing, and others. Zack serves as a mentor and advisor to early-stage startups at the Boomtown and Mergelane accelerators in Boulder, Colorado. You can follow him on Twitter @ZackKanter or on his blog at ZackKanter.com.


Shannon Liss-Riordan
Shannon Liss-Riordan is the lead attorney in a class action lawsuit filed by Uber drivers claiming they have been misclassified as independent contractors. A partner at Boston-based Lichten & Liss-Riordan, P.C., her practice concentrates on class action litigation involving failure to pay wages, overtime, gratuities, minimum wage, and misclassification of employees as independent contractors. Since 2001, she has achieved pioneering successes developing the law protecting tipped employees. She has represented thousands of servers in cases against restaurants, hotels, and other establishments for depriving employees of the full proceeds of customer tips or service charges. 



Tim Crowley
Tim Crowley is LCT’s senior editor based in Torrance, Calif. Tim has been on the magazine since June of 2013 and has been covering emerging technologies in the limo industry such as on-demand booking and how its changing the traditional limo business model. He has also been writing about driverless technology, electric vehicles, and social media. Tim has been the lead moderator for LCT’s Fast40 Group, which is a think-tank for younger operators and industry vendors to discuss the latest challenges facing the limo industry, like millennial buying habits, disruptive technologies, and new marketing strategies through digital media.


Sara Eastwood
Sara Eastwood was hired by Bobit Publishing Company (now Bobit Business Media) in 1991 and tasked to revamp the sales and marketing programs for LCT Magazine and the LCT Show. Since then she has grown the “journal of record” publication to one that has been ranked among the company’s top three most profitable (of more than 20), reached a pinnacle of 3,800 attendees at the 2006 Las Vegas convocation and developed four additional profit centers including the LCT Leadership Summit, the LCT Eastern Conference, a products department that sells myriad business tools to the livery trade, and the management company of the National Limousine Association.


April 29 – May 1, 2018
Miami Beach, FL

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April 29 – May 1, 2018
The EDITION Hotel, Miami Beach, FL

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