Emarketing Unplugged

Emarketing Unplugged: The Mechanics of a Great E-mail and Social Campaign
Dos and don'ts, who does the legwork vs. what to outsource via the Gigsters, why analytics matter and how to use the information wisely, and what is fact and what is fiction with this kind of advertising and the costs vs. ROI.
Presented by Bill Faeth and Shannon Faulkner

Bill Faeth

A former golf professional and career entrepreneur, Bill has successfully launched multiple startups in industries that include eCommerce, transportation, and even a nationwide glow-in-the-dark mini golf business. In 2008, Bill discovered inbound marketing as one of HubSpot’s earliest users. He quickly became a convert to the inbound methodology, as it enabled him to grow his businesses faster than ever, while also reducing his marketing spend.

Bill has since become a nationally-recognized expert on business growth and development, entrepreneurship, and marketing. As Founder of Inbound Marketing Agents, he applies his tremendous passion for teaching and educating business owners and marketers about the art of inbound marketing, so they can successfully compete with larger companies and bigger budgets. He has delivered keynotes and training seminars across the country.

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Shannon Faulkner

Shannon and her husband Jason, started Delphis Creative Marketing Solutions in September of 2011 to help small business owners plan out and achieve their dreams. Shannon has been working with small businesses for over 14 years. First as a health insurance broker with her own small brokerage and currently as the founder and CEO of Delphis Creative Marketing Solutions, a boutique digital marketing Agency. Shannon has a passion for creating strategic plans tailored to fit the needs of small businesses. Shannon's plans have generated thousands of dollars of new revenue, new customers or clients for the companies that she works with.

Shannon has been chosen to represent some amazing companies such as Constant Contact, and as a 2016 All Star Award winner, Shannon has been asked to speak to small business owners helping them negotiate the rapidly-changing world of internet marketing, e-mail marketing, social media management, review generation and reputation management strategies.

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April 29 – May 1, 2018
Miami Beach, FL

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April 29 – May 1, 2018
The EDITION Hotel, Miami Beach, FL

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